EBOOK: Georges Sarton's Philosophical Introduction

Book cover

The introductory chapter extracted from the first volume of Sarton's Magnus Opus 'The introduction to the history of science' from 1927 is an important work, worth to be rediscovered for different reasons. A lot of ideas we still hold about the history of science are put into perspective. The fall of the Greek civilization, the decline of scientific discovery during the Dark Ages and the role of religion in that decline, and the idea that science was exclusively a western matter to name a few. Another important reason is that some philosophical ideas described in the introduction are similar to what later brilliant philosophers have described, and his humanistic, comparative, tolerant, and charitable way of life, can be noticed in the communication and behavior of important scientists of the later generations. It would be a great study to investigate what influence Sarton had on later scientists and philosophers of science and therefore in the development of science the contemporary scientific method.

Defending science and the scientific method while respecting his fellow humani was Sarton's way of living. I hope that with this introduction his ideals can spread again and help create a world of knowledge and compassion.

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